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Serenity Now Yoga & Pilates



Meet The Owner, Allison

Born and raised in New Orleans, Allison Bradley had always been a go-getter, juggling a demanding career and the responsibilities of raising her children. Her life took a completely unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with a severe spinal condition that left her in excruciating nerve pain daily. The medical professionals recommended surgery as the only viable solution for her condition, even though she knew deep down there were other options. Faced with the prospect of a major operation and a lengthy recovery, Allison was determined to explore alternative ways to manage her condition.

It was during this challenging period that Allison learned about the benefits of yoga and Pilates. Even though she was experiencing daily nerve pain and was discouraged that she would never feel like herself again, she was dedicated to moving her body in ways that not only improved her spinal health, but also her mental health. Week by week, her spinal pain started to decrease and she felt alive again. She was slowly re-gaining her life back solely based on the connection she developed with Pilates and yoga. Allison discovered that the power of Pilates and yoga was much deeper than the movements she was making. These ancient practices were allowing her to take full control of her life back. Over the course of 10 years practicing, she was able to delay her spinal surgery and continue her dream of working in the wellness industry. 

During those 10 years, Allison taught group exercises classes before falling in love with the lifestyle and taking ownership over an Anytime Fitness in Bay St. Louis. She continued her journey as an owner for almost a decade, spanning from the years 2011-2020. While she isn't new to the fitness ownership world, owning her very own Pilates and yoga studio was truly where her dreams lived. Shortly after gaining much needed experience from being an owner of Anytime Fitness, she started the process of turning that dream into reality.


Allison opened Serenity Now Yoga Studio in 2023, a space she wanted to make sure was dedicated to holistic well-being and spiritual growth. Since Pilates and yoga is the reason she is able to move as freely as she does today, her passion to share that same feeling with the Biloxi community is the sole reason she pushes herself to make the studio as perfect as she can. She hopes that every person who walks through her doors will feel her dedication to her practice, and that those same people will feel as though they are in a home who accepts them for who they are. Her space is not just for physical postures and outer appearance, it is also a sanctuary for the community to heal from the inside out. 

Allison hopes that when you find your way to Serenity Now Yoga & Pilates, you will stay for as long as you feel comfortable, and you will always remember that no matter the journey you're on... you have the ability to change your reality at any given moment. The light in me, sees the light in you! Namaste!



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